Thinking of Becoming a Snowbird?  Questions to Ask Before Taking the Plunge

Winter can be a tough time of year for many people. If you are tempted to escape the cold by going to a warmer area of the country, that’s definitely understandable.  There are many positives of being a snowbird as it can benefit both your health and well-being. But, before you book a flight, there are a few things that you need to consider and do first. Similar to planning for retirement, the way to get the most out of your snowbird time is to make sure you’ve planned enough and taken the right steps to prepare.  So do some preparing and thinking before making a decision. Your Finances Your financial situation may be the most boring of all the things but it’s probably the most important if you’re thinking about becoming a snowbird. If you cannot afford to winter somewhere else, you shouldn’t be a snowbird, plain and simple. What you can afford will also define, or limit, many of the other decisions you need to make when adopting this lifestyle. One way to know if you can swing wintering in warmer locations is to speak with a financial advisor or planner. To prepare for your appointment you could probably do a lot of the legwork yourself. Simply look at your expenses and your income and see what money you have left to play with. Then, figure in the expected cost to be a snowbird and see what you can afford. Some things to consider if you can afford being a snowbird include: Can [Read More...]

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Are You Ready to Turn 65?

So, the big day is coming, and you are turning 65.  You may be planning a special celebration or maybe a long-awaited dream trip.  Whatever your birthday plans include there are some practical things to consider that will impact your future finances and healthcare tremendously.  While some of these decisions can be put off that option may cause penalties and higher costs.  So, let’s get some things off your to-do list and move on to celebrating! Determine your working status-Your first decision is whether you are still going to continue working or retire.  Did you know that continuing to work can affect your retirement benefits?  Now is the time you should talk to your Human Resources or Benefits department to understand your company’s policies.  Gather all this information and follow up by meeting with a financial professional to help guide you with all the aspects of timing your retirement and Social Security payments. Plan your Social Security benefits claim. Full retirement age is dependent on your birth year and is when you can claim your full Social Security retirement benefits. Some people claim reduced benefits as early as age 62, while others wait until after full retirement age (up to age 70) to claim higher benefits. Deciding what works best for you, your dependents, and your survivors takes a little planning. Enroll for Medicare Part A and B-Almost everyone who is 65 and older is eligible for  Medicare Part A (inpatient care) and Medicare Part B (outpatient care).  You can sign up as [Read More...]

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