What Should I Know About the COVID-19 Vaccination?

So many questions are arising about the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination. When can I get one? Where? Is it safe? Here are some answers and resources to find additional information! Who Can get the Covid-19 Vaccine? The answer to this question usually refers to phases and where you fall into them. Phases are suggested groups, loosely guided by the federal government that states use as priority guidelines for who should receive the vaccinations and when.  The aim with the phases is to control the spread of the virus while aiding in the preservation of basic function of society.  In other words, the higher-priority groups are people who are at higher risk with severe COVID-19 symptoms or death and people who are needed to continue working. As we move through the phases, the populations become less at risk or less necessary during the current crisis. The general phases and groups are: Phase 1-A Residents in Care Facilities and Health Care Personnel       Phase 1-B People 75 and up and Frontline Essential Workers                            Phase 1-C People 65-74 or 16-64 with High-Risk and Other Essential Workers  Phase 2 General Population-People 16 and up without High-risk conditions When Can I Get the COVID-19 Vaccine? Due to the decentralized approach of the current COVID-19 vaccination rollout and the supply of available vaccines it is difficult to estimate about when you will have the ability to get vaccinated.  Your doctor may also be able to help you find out when you’ll be eligible. Where Can [Read More...]

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What is BEW Doing During Covid-19?

We have been dealing with some strange times here in New Jersey since March.  We are now all familiar with a new pandemic in our midst.  Covid-19 has changed the way we live our everyday lives tremendously.  We all had to quarantined to keep safe at home. Sadly, we had many in our area deal with being sick, hospitalized or even unfortunately losing their battle to Covid-19.  We want to extend our deepest sympathy to those who have lost family and friends.  Knowing they are in our thoughts and will not be forgotten.  Businesses have been shut down and kids are unable to go to school or play in the parks. Our lives have changed but we are all strong and will get through this together. Thanks to an overwhelming effort on the part of all our fellow New Jersians we are progressing to the next phases, and we are adjusting our business practices.  During quarantine we started expanding our technological abilities and were able to service clients virtually.  As things start opening up again, we are preparing to open the office.  At this time, we will be working by appointment only.  We will be installing sneeze guards which are plastic dividers which will serve as a barrier between you and us for our mutual protection.  For our safety and that of others we are now accustomed to washing hands, wearing face masks and staying  6 feet apart.  These practices will continue in the office and we will have a [Read More...]

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